About Us

The Company was originally started as a partnership firm, under the name and style of “M/s. RAJESWARI GRAPHICS” with its principal place of business at Madras.  For the sake of smooth working, better and efficient management, improvement and advancement of business, the said firm was converted into a Limited Company and incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 as “RAJESWARI GRAPHICS LIMITED” on 19th April, 1993.  The certificate of commencement of business was obtained on 10th May, 1993.

The Company was originally engaged in printing of all kinds of materials including Books, Periodicals, Magazines, Leaflets, Advertisement materials, packaging materials etc., and also engaged in the process of Phototypesetting, Composing, Desktop publishing and color scanning for all kinds of printing as the main object of our business to be pursued on incorporation of our company.

The Company came out for Public Issue on 30.01.1995 and the issue was over subscribed by more than 5.50 times.  The Company’s equity shares are listed with Madras, Mumbai for more than 15 years.

In the year 2003, the Company entered into Civil Construction activities in the brand name of “RGL DREAM BUNGALOW”. The Company is developing and selling only Independent Bungalow with all amenities at Apartment price to its customers. We are rendering services to Software Professionals and NRI customers. The Company is maintaining excellent quality in construction with customer satisfaction.


Quality, Reliability, and After Sales Services is our main business object.  Demands for independent bungalows continued to rise in Chennai, though supply levels remained low. With reasonable new projects on hand, the Company is very optimistic to commence this financial year and reach new heights in the years ahead.

Consequent to the alteration of the main objects of the Company from the printing and publishing business to carry on the business of builders, contractors, erectors and constructors of residential, office, industrial and also as commercial developers, the name of the Company was changed to “Rajeswari Foundations Limited” with effect from 05.11.2004 after obtaining necessary approvals of the shareholders and the statutory authorities.  The name change had been properly notified to the Stock Exchange, Mumbai and the Madras Stock Exchanges where the shares of the Company are listed and acknowledgments to this effect had also been received from the respective Stock Exchanges.

With a view to synergizing the business opportunities,  the company name was changed to “Rajeswari Infrastructure Limited”.

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